Free PC Cleaner 4.1

Free, simple to use cleaning utility designed for PCs

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Free PC Cleaner 4.1
Free PC Cleaner 4

Free PC Cleaner is a completely free program designed to help you clean up your computer, optimize it and make it run faster. Unlike similar programs that cost money to use, this one does a good job of finding threats without charging you a dime.

One of the top features of this program is that it does constant monitoring. It keeps an eye on your computer and checks for viruses and malware that might slow down your internet speeds and cause other issues. After finding a threat, the program automatically notifies you of the problem. Free PC Cleaner will then isolate any infected files for you.

Using this program is incredibly easy because it has a one-click design. Once you launch it, simply click on the scan button to let the program scan your entire computer. Most scans take 10 minutes or less to run, but the length depends on the size of your computer and the amount of free space that you have. It can take significantly longer for the program to complete a scan.

With the Full System Scanner option, you'll see a complete list of all the infected programs and potentially dangerous files on your computer. It also has an Installed Programs option that shows you the infected files relating to your programs. You can then use the clean setting to remove those files or to put the files in quarantine to protect your computer.

Free PC Cleaner comes with some other nice features too like a start up menu that shows you everything that you can use. This menu makes it easy for you to check out your control panel, view your system manager, look at events on your calendar or run a disk clean up. This will check and remove infected files on an external hard drive or disk.

Another nice feature of this program is that it can actually optimize your computer. Each time that you delete a file from your computer, the program will optimize the space, which can make your computer run faster. It also does a good job of optimizing files and folders to save you as much space as possible.

This program can even find malware and spyware hidden deep inside your computer. When you download a new game, app or program, you might miss some of the malicious content that comes with it. This program identifies those files, lets you know that a problem exists and lets you decide what to do next. Free PC Cleaner is one of the top cleaning programs that you can find on the web today.


  • Most scans take between five and 10 minutes or less
  • Features a one-click design to run it
  • Monitors your computer to check for problems
  • Does a good job of finding most potential issues


  • Does not come with many features
  • Scans can sometimes take too long
  • May slow down some of your other apps

When you want to keep your computer running in optimal condition, using a program such as Free PC Cleaner can help to ensure you are keeping your memory free and your hard drive from becoming clogged; which slows and bogs down your computer's ability to run smooth.

What is Free PC Cleaner?

Using Free PC Cleaner is a way for you to scan and clean your entire computer's hard drive. With it, you can remove useless files. Computer maintenance is essential when you want to ensure your computer is running at its optimal speed and using as little RAM and memory as possible at all times. Having Free PC Cleaner installed on your computer is a way to routinely check your computer for unnecessary files. It will also keep it clean and running smooth with any processes you have open. Using a program such as Free PC Cleaner is a way for you to ensure you are not installing too many tools or software. These extra tools may be slowing the performance of your computer or contributing to its functionality which may be lacking or not up to standards.

Pros of Free PC Cleaner

  • Using Free PC Cleaner is free to use and only requires a few minutes to install
  • Most Free PC Cleaner options are small files, taking up minimal space on your hard drive
  • Free PC Cleaner scans your entire computer to find cache and junk files that are no longer useful or necessary; instantly allowing you to free space and improve the overall performance of your computer
  • Free PC Cleaner gives you insight into your computer and its hard drive. This allows you access to uninstall programs and to rid additional files that you deem unnecessary
  • Free PC Cleaner is a way to keep your computer running at its best performance whether you use your computer for gaming, business uses or even for personal browsing use

Cons of Free PC Cleaner

  • Free PC Cleaner is only available on Windows platforms, requiring Apple and Mac users to seek alternatives for a cleanup program
  • Using Free PC Cleaner may not find any malware or spyware that is in your computer. Sadly, you will need to use additional programs and software to avoid viruses and potential attacks on your network or to your computer itself
  • Free PC Cleaner is not always updated depending on the software you have selected. This is it is recommended to read reviews and official websites before selecting the cleaner that is right for your computer

Researching the right Free PC Cleaner for you is a way to find the right program that is most suitable for your needs and maintaining your computer properly. Using Free PC Cleaner is not only a way to keep your computer clean but it also helps to reduce the risks of having performance issues in the future when using your computer over time.

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